The Jamestown, ND area now has an active radio connection to EchoLink. Node # 964966.

In the area, you can tune to 147.480 MHz (alternatively 445.975 MHz) simplex to listen and talk through the node. I am continually monitoring these frequencies, when they are connected through EchoLink.

This was implemented on February 1, 2018, and enhancements may be becoming.

At this time, there is no way for radio users to change external nodes that it is connected to. Only I can change the connections. I have remote access, so I can change the nodes from anywhere.

For now, it will connect to various EchoLink conferences, IRLP nodes, and other repeaters. You can visit this page and search for nd0ts-r (or 964966) to see what nodes it is connected to.

Because of experimentation and other uses of the radio that I am using, the EchoLink connection may not be available at all times. The audio has also been added to my Amateur Radio Feed on Broadcastify.