Air Traffic Feed

I am located less than 2 miles SW of the Jamestown Regional Airport.

Here’s a link to the feed page on broadcastify.

It is very common to hear aircraft from up to 150 miles away. Depending on conditions, the actual range is much further, but signals will get weaker, the further away they are.

There are quite a few frequencies that are scanned through. I will add and remove some, periodically. This feed includes:

  • 132.150
  • 124.250
  • 128.425
  • 119.875
  • 127.350
  • 128.500
  • 128.675
  • 126.300
  • 120.500
  • 134.550
  • 133.400
  • 127.600
  • 110.750
  • 123.000
  • 123.600
  • 135.250
  • 132.425
  • 121.500

I’ve also included other aircraft frequencies, such as the emergency frequency, Weather EFAS, FSS, Unicom, and Multicom.

I split the audio at the back of the scanner to provide audio to the computer that is feeding and to amplified speakers so that I can listen to the feed in real time at my location.

I am also feeding ADS-B data to FlightAware from a FlightFeeder Orange. Read more about ADS-B here and here. This tracks position of aircraft in my area. You can see my stats, here. You can see a map with live data of aircraft in the area, here. You can also see our local airport information, here.

The “Jamestown Regional Airport (KJMS)” feed is running through an Azule Quantum Access Mini PC Stick. I use an external sound card to feed the audio into the computer from a Uniden BC340CRS scanner. I applied to become a provider for the feed on October 5, 2017, and it was up and running, the following morning.


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