Local Audio Feeds

I first became a feed provider for RadioReference.com on August 16, 2016.

I am now providing two separate feeds. The first feed is “Stutsman County Amateur Repeaters“. The second feed is “Jamestown Regional Airport (KJMS)“. They are both connected to a single discone antenna that is mounted about 20 feet high (not very high), on the roof of my house. I run the streaming software on two semi-dedicated computers (also used as external hard drives) that I can remotely access from anywhere, if I need to.

Both of the radios and both of the computers that are uploading the streams are connected to uninterruptible power supplies. The network equipment in my house is also connected to a couple UPS units, so that if the power goes out, the streams will continue.

If either of the feeds “go down”, I am sent a message, right away, that lets me know about the problem. I understand that both of the feeds are not “critical”, but I wanted to be able to fix any problems fast.